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Current Political Marketing – Not an Eso-Merit Endeavor

What has changed in the political environment over the last millennium?

Let’s see… The number of politically connected corporations has dwindled? No that’s not it…

ummm… The amount of money used to finance campaigns has been capped? No that’s not it…

hmmm… How about – the candidates have decided to run on a platform of accomplishments and future efforts. No, I don’t think so.

Eso-Merit Marketing has principles that are based on universal teachings. The current muckraking of this particular election campaign and the tone of negative reinforcement, has had a tendency to suck hope out of the impending outcome. With tonight’s debate looming, what is needed in this time of uncertainty is hope and the the only way to convey this is through truth and intentional action. It is time to stop telling the public what the other guy is doing wrong. It is time to find out what the candidates plan to deliver and their intention of what is right.

Golden Rule

There has been countless references of late, in the media, to the Golden Rule. Most know it as, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I encourage my clients and all other businesses to take it farther. Keeping the attention and intention on the “do unto others” creates a total service base that allows the company serve not sell. When the marketing is delivered from a “let us help” voice with total commitment from management and customer service, the result is an atmosphere where relationships are fostered and continue to grow. Relationship marketing is part of Eso-Merit Marketing and is not new but the tools have changed and the ability to reach more potential clients keeps growing.  Always keep in mind that a healthy client makes for more stability in our own economic condition.

Eso-Merit Marketing and SOPA

There is no fear in SOPA as it is a paper tiger.  Attempts to tax, censor, or block internet activity will fail. Why? Because the natural progression of humanity is aligned with creation and attempts to thwart it fall into the realm of man. The part of man that is ego: greed, control, self importance and value imposition, are without merit in the new paradigm.

Intellectual property is and has always been the product of man. In the flawed and separatist awareness of common man there is no room for the universal nature of thought. The protection of thought as an individual thing is solely ego based. It neither searches for nor acknowledges simultaneous awareness which is a constant occurrence.

The internet has proven that what is perceived as thought is no more than a reception of quantum code through frequency related intentions. This is the first foray for mankind into the realm of being. For the first time ever, man has brought its universal awareness to one place. The energy that has been contributed to this entity has often been one of pure intention. The constant contribution to open source projects, the proliferation of advice and review topics, and the open marketplace will not be undermined any longer by the ego and greed that has driven humanity to the brink.

While thought is the reception of universal frequency, it is also the product of  intention, imagination and emotion. Using these raw materials to form the energy that is needed to mold creation is what the creators of this new realm contribute. With that in mind I ask all those that are actively developing, are active in contribution, or are active in use to use their intention, imagination and emotion, to create the new world order beginning with one domain. Those of us that develop are blessed to be able to serve. The so called intellectual property is the domain of man. No single individual or group can claim ownership of thought regardless of the laws of man. Keep these truths in the forefront of your awareness. They will serve as a conduit to the unlimited potential that is the awareness of creation.

The author, Eric Reese, is the owner of Out In Front Marketing and a certified Yoga Instructor. These offerings are a blend of esoteric teachings for every day life  that allow a chance to experience more than just a job. Eric speaks to groups of various sizes about internet marketing and business relationships. He can be contacted at outinfrontms@gmail.com.