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Eso-Merit Marketing and email marketing stewardship

The first time I got an email from my own email address hawking little blue pills, I thought that the entire internet had been compromised. That was over 5 years ago and now that my company administers email marketing I understand the process of thought that would prompt the use of email capture and clone distribution.  The use of deceptive practices to warrant action is as old as the record of man. Email marketing is a medium that is inexpensive and powerful in its reach. Words create energy that is borne from thought. As stewards of this time in the development of mankind, there is a responsibility to act with intentions that are grounded in truth.

There is a primary approach that is easy to recognize and comes from many sources. Governments use it to control supply and demand. Marketers use it to prompt a call to action. Business uses it to inflate the price of products. The tactic of reference is False Scarcity. The emotion of prey is fear and when desire is highlighted, want becomes need and scarcity points to suffering. Being reminded that your last chance to buy the digitally remastered version of Bambi 5 will be Monday, until the next time the company decides to sell it is manipulative at best. However the resulting interaction with the universe will create a karmic event that must unfold over time.

Operating from the Eso-Merit principles will not only allow an infinite flow of service, but the product demand is raised as the result. The need to infiltrate, manipulate, and deceive no longer becomes a source of marketing strategy. The information delivered is truth from the perspective of the company.

The additional responsibility of sharing information freely becomes part of the equation when we realize that the development of our clients as contributors to the community will enhance the relationships that have been forged even as they grow. The use of email marketing as a tool for these purposes represents the understanding of the connection of thought to words and the stewardship of both.

The author, Eric Reese, is the owner of Out In Front Marketing and a certified Yoga Instructor. These offerings are a blend of esoteric teachings for every day life  that allow a chance to experience more than just a job.

Eso-Merit Marketing Binds with it the Core Value of Trust

The last few articles have revealed the principles of Eso-Merit Marketing as Truth, Service, Humility, and Gratitude. This article explores the cohesive element of Trust.

When on the path of Eso-Merit Marketing, the results can seem to come at an astonishing pace.  The difference however, does not lie in the activity but in the intention of the actions and the Trust that results will follow. Each principle builds a case for the universe to consider and the intention of the implementation of the principles triggers a chain reaction of choice that brings opportunity and broadens the reach of each campaign. The product or service becomes connected to the fundamentals of the company and as such receive merit based on association.

Mainstream marketing often uses deception, misdirection and self exaltation as the basis of its campaigns.  These methods are carefully tested and can offer attractive short term gains but not one of them can produce long term success. The pretty woman drinking the soda, the car sliding across the snow in perfect timing with two others, and the perfectly constructed hamburger with a bit of pickle, ketchup, and mustard viewable, are all examples of mainstream practice. An attempt to manipulate the emotional response of primal urges through irrelevant stimulus bombards every television viewer today. These viewers, some that have turned off their ability to discern and others that have developed a learned response, may be blind to the misinformation delivered by these marketing tactics. However, once the veil is pierced the true nature of the intention is revealed and the results are extraordinary.

When we learn to Trust the outcome of any campaign and allow it to stand on the merits of the intentions of its creation, we begin to see a change in our world. It often starts with the way we conduct our business. Interaction with our customers beyond the marketplace becomes commonplace. We become less reactionary and more proactive. We become more aware of our roles in the community. Our involvement in local or regional events become important parts of our company development.  All of these help to foster the principles of Eso-Merit based marketing and extend their reach into our daily lives.

In our next article, we will look specifically at email marketing and the relationship it has with community Trust.

The author, Eric Reese, is the owner of Out In Front Marketing and a certified Yoga Instructor. His blending of esoteric teachings into every day life offer a chance to experience more than just a job.

Eso-Merit Marketing and Gratitude that Develops Attitude

How often do you receive a thank you for your patronage? When you do, what are your thoughts? Are you more inclined to be a repeat customer?

These questions are in the scope of Eso-Merit Marketing in as much as we subconsciously react to simple gestures of humanity. It may seem simple enough but the intention of the gesture has more value if it is genuine than if it is procedural. To put it is layman’s terms, if you receive a thank you without thought, the value is minimal.

Appreciation of client relationships is the focal energy that constitutes the principle of gratitude. It is not the quantity of the appreciation but the energy that results in quality devoted to true relationship building. When a company betrays the trust of it’s supporters, the energy cannot be repaired by a simple I’m sorry. However, the energy of remorse cannot be ignored.  Toyota has worked to regain its trust in the market through a campaign targeted toward safety. This campaign has highlighted the history of safety in its vehicles. Can this effort be sufficient in the re-establishment of an icon of quality choice? The success will stand if the company will abide in the truth, acknowledge missing the mark, and deliver gratitude as its moniker. Without a clear connection to the truth, any advertising campaign will ultimately disappear from awareness with the perception of an inferior product.

The author, Eric Reese, is the owner of Out In Front Marketing and a certified Yoga Instructor. His blending of esoteric teachings into every day life offer a chance to experience more than just a job.

Humility Hallmarks Eso-Merit Marketing

We are better than the rest!

Our products are higher quality and last longer!

No one does it better than us!

What do each of these tag lines have in common? They are based on values that hold egocentric intentions and cannot draw prospects that develop into relationship customers.

We have discussed Truth and Service and their significance in Eso-Merit Marketing, now we need to take a look at Humility. As we have stated before, these concepts have existed since the beginning. The  collective ego of business has all but extinguished the joining of these principles.

When Gordon Gekko, in the iconic 1987 film Wall Street, said, “The point is ladies and gentlemen that greed, for lack of a better word, is good” he spoke for an entire generation that followed and chose to live for competitive intention. Greed is a collective intention that serves only its master. Over time the prevailing energy that is created by greed erodes the foundation of its very culture and when the destruction is complete the structure disintegrates.

When Humility is the core of belief and Service is the functional intention a market presence is developed that draws customers to the places where the message exists. Customers begin to embrace the culture even if it is beyond their own use or need. New opportunities are revealed that were neither expected nor apparent. Each action of truth based intention brings results that merit an increase in awareness and attention.

Humility may seem to be counter intuitive in the world of marketing. I have witnessed the growth first hand and the energy that is created when the intention is pure, is beyond imagination.  Truth must have the strength and conviction of trust in order for the culture of Eso-Merit Marketing to take root. However when it does, look out!

The author, Eric Reese, is the owner of Out In Front Marketing and a certified Yoga Instructor. His blending of esoteric teachings into every day life offer a chance to experience more than just a job.

The Waves of Service Flow Through Eso-Merit Marketing

A few days ago we talked about truth, the intention of truth, and the trust that must be shared with truth. Today we will visit another characteristic of Eso-Merit Marketing that brings about the necessary force in achievement of success, Service. We often confuse service with action or motion, but it is much more than that and much less complicated than any shrouded intention. When we speak in terms of the marketplace, we often reduce value to “goods or services”. This is not the service of which I speak. The results of goods and services carry the energies of entitled reward.

When the culture of a company lies partially or solely on the bottom line, there is little room for the intention of true service. The bottom line energy begins in the boardroom and permeates throughout the business making morale mirror the spikes of a P&L graph.

But when service becomes the culture of a business, when the act of service is directed as the sole purpose for existence, no reward is necessary as the results will foster their own rewards. The intention of pure service in every action brings about a merit based on the residual energy of the service. This attribute is simplistic in nature but much more profound in its practice than can be clearly stated.

Philanthropic organizations often adopt this model during inception and the culture often branches out to pervade business partners that develop associations within the organization. The benefit continues to reach more organizations and the result is a stronger association to support the culture and thereby creating an abundance of  energy that impacts every facet of the business culture.

This is not a new development or theory. It is only one that is universal in nature. Changing the behavior of business and the focus of importance is the challenge of this effort in the evolution of humanity. Allowing the change to take place is the challenge for businesses.

For more information about Eso-Merit Marketing or to learn more about the Author, visit Out In Front Marketing or Eric Reese.

Eso-Merit Marketing and the Vanishing Competition

“Watch the other guy.”


“Because he is so darn successful!”

“What will that do for us?”

“Show us what we’re doing wrong!”

“Then what?”

“We’ll do what he’s doing!”

” And what will that do for us?”

“I don’t know.”

It is time for you to break the mold of your past marketing efforts. Taking the competition to task doesn’t work for the long term. Imitating the competition doesn’t last either. Using imagery that appeals to base instincts is also temporary.

So what can possibly bring about a change so profound that customers will want to stick to you like glue and become your sales force armed with the Elmers?

While I was a partner in the printing industry we used less than half of the principles of Eso-Merit Marketing 85% of the time. This resulted in two very successful companies; one brought back from the brink and the other started with a prayer and clientele that believed.  Now as a new chapter is dawning on humanity we find ourselves in need of some firmer footing but the playing field seems to be changing by the hour. How can we feel secure in light of this ever changing marketing environment? The first and foremost step must be to trust the truth and use it to guide your intentions. Every marketing tact stated previously left the question of truth out of it’s equation. Without it there can be no passion. Without passion the intention will not exist. The force of the marketing campaign born from outside of the core company values has a very minimal life expectancy.

I will use a company with which my company partners as an example of one that markets from their truth and refrains from using tactics that do not fit the company culture. Constant Contact promotes email marketing from a permission based platform, offers free training on all their products, and keeps their product focused on trends that are continually evolving to meet the market demands. Each part of their business strives to incorporate their core values; “Connect, Inform, Grow.” In addition to offering  education to their customers & business partners they offer affiliate programs to those that share their vision. Using these tools as the anchor for their product helps them to create a legion of followers that sing their praises and by doing so increase their reach into the market.

Truth. It is subject to perspective. No two can hold the exact same truth, but a shared truth, like a diamond with many facets, holds an energy and intention that will last through the ages.

In the next article we will look at service. Truth must be served in order to extend beyond the office.

The author of this blog is Eric Reese the owner of Out In Front Marketing and a certified Yoga Instructor. His blending of esoteric teachings into every day life offer a chance to experience more than just a job.

Eso-Merit Marketing

What is Eso-Merit Marketing? It is a simple principle set forth by creation. It is complex interaction of forces beyond human control. It is the everyday action of life lived in harmony.

You might now be posing the question: what the hell is he talking about? Let us first look at the label. Eso-Merit: Eso is short for esoteric. Esoteric is defined as a concept that is “difficult to understand.” Merit is defined as : “character or conduct deserving reward, honor, or esteem.” Therefore the combination of these two words bring us to a concept of marketing that is difficult to understand yet yields results that are deserving of reward, honor or esteem. The difficulty of understanding stems from years of misinformation delivered as truth. Now let’s break down the definition above.

“It is a simple principle set forth by creation” – There are several universal laws that govern our interaction with our clients. Truth – deliver accurate information in a timely manner from your perspective. Respect -The golden rule and beyond. Live this life in service to the greater good.

“It is a complex interaction of forces beyond human control” – at the risk of presenting a doctrine of predestination, There is a certain flow to the universe that is delivered through the concept of cause and effect (karma). The results of this are an existence that bears reliably on the intentions and deeds of the marketeer.

“It is the everyday action of life lived in harmony” – When the universal laws work their way to the surface of understanding, the Truth and Karma unfold to reveal a better way. One that brings value to the forefront and the positive intentions of service, deliver a ripple effect throughout the community.

In our next article, we will bring supportive facts to the table that will tend to reveal a pattern of influence based on the intentions of Eso-Merit Marketing.