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Current Political Marketing – Not an Eso-Merit Endeavor

What has changed in the political environment over the last millennium?

Let’s see… The number of politically connected corporations has dwindled? No that’s not it…

ummm… The amount of money used to finance campaigns has been capped? No that’s not it…

hmmm… How about – the candidates have decided to run on a platform of accomplishments and future efforts. No, I don’t think so.

Eso-Merit Marketing has principles that are based on universal teachings. The current muckraking of this particular election campaign and the tone of negative reinforcement, has had a tendency to suck hope out of the impending outcome. With tonight’s debate looming, what is needed in this time of uncertainty is hope and the the only way to convey this is through truth and intentional action. It is time to stop telling the public what the other guy is doing wrong. It is time to find out what the candidates plan to deliver and their intention of what is right.

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