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Publishers Bring Awareness to Eso-Merit Marketing

The web is a open place where all points of view are being recorded and many who publish are offering their information as a service to others. When the content of a website expands the knowledge base of an individual or group, it is functioning within the principles of Eso-Merit Marketing. That is not to say that it is completely without motive or monetization.

A good example of this is Wikipedia.

The contributors of this site offer their knowledge without equal compensation. The moderators do the same and they enable a large segment of internet users to expand their awareness. By supplying a source and vehicle for sharing Wikipedia will influence the GPA of my children and many other for the foreseeable future.

I continue to marvel at the availability of information on the net. This trend will undoubtedly bring virtually every intellectual pursuit to new levels as well as changes to nearly every facet of life. The sharing of knowledge that was once beyond our current reach and information that took years to amass will bring about an accelerated evolution of humanity.

As long as publishers continue to publish with the intention of sharing, the common good will continue to be served.

The author, Eric Reese, is the owner of Out In Front Marketing and a certified Yoga Instructor. These offerings are a blend of esoteric teachings for every day life  that allow a chance to experience more than just a job. Eric speaks to groups of various sizes about internet marketing and business relationships. He can be contacted at outinfrontms@gmail.com.

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