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Eso-Merit Marketing in the Financial Services Industry?

It’s hard for me to say when our American Culture decided to live on future wealth. I’m reasonably certain it was before I was born, but along with 40 million of my fellow countrymen, I find myself in a bit a of a financial pickle.

Having been brought up to believe that our system was the ultimate expression that humanity had developed and that all the pitfalls from the past had been laboriously analyzed with checks & balances, I took the “Truth” that was fed to me & went to work. I enjoyed 28 years of a solid living in the printing industry. 19 years of that was self employed.

However now I find myself on the outside, gazing in at a house of card that has been built by a generation that was more self serving than any before it. The continuous drone of the advertizing and media outlets have affirmed our right to have a bounty beyond our own contribution. The institutions that made wealth through investment did so without a legitimate expense of personal capital. With it came an increase in a perception of  entitlement which propagated a continued belief in a system that could not sustain the growth.

Inevitably just as the American Express commercial with a man lost at sea, we all will have found ourselves lacking. The biggest difference is that this time we will not be able swim on shore pull out our card and start the debt race all over again.

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