Looking Out for Number One?

The unique perspectives of Eso-Merit Marketing will bring to light the desires and intentions of deceptive practices. Eso-Merit Marketing promotes the intention of service with the outcome dictated by actions rather than a preconceived result. A philosophy of service that is born to produce nothing but desired results is no more than an egoic plan with ulterior motive. This not to say that planning is bad or that results cannot be anticipated or measured. Rather it is when these factors are the only reasons for the strategies employed that we experience a break in function with the principles of Eso-Merit Marketing. Intentions that center on desired results will waiver from universal service and move toward self service. When self service is the product of desire short term results will give way to that which is least likely to be intended.

The author, Eric Reese, is the owner of Out In Front Marketing and a certified Yoga Instructor. These offerings are a blend of esoteric teachings for every day life  that allow a chance to experience more than just a job. Eric speaks to groups of various sizes about internet marketing and business relationships. He can be contacted at outinfront@verizon.net.


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