Eso-Merit Marketing and the Vanishing Competition

“Watch the other guy.”


“Because he is so darn successful!”

“What will that do for us?”

“Show us what we’re doing wrong!”

“Then what?”

“We’ll do what he’s doing!”

” And what will that do for us?”

“I don’t know.”

It is time for you to break the mold of your past marketing efforts. Taking the competition to task doesn’t work for the long term. Imitating the competition doesn’t last either. Using imagery that appeals to base instincts is also temporary.

So what can possibly bring about a change so profound that customers will want to stick to you like glue and become your sales force armed with the Elmers?

While I was a partner in the printing industry we used less than half of the principles of Eso-Merit Marketing 85% of the time. This resulted in two very successful companies; one brought back from the brink and the other started with a prayer and clientele that believed.  Now as a new chapter is dawning on humanity we find ourselves in need of some firmer footing but the playing field seems to be changing by the hour. How can we feel secure in light of this ever changing marketing environment? The first and foremost step must be to trust the truth and use it to guide your intentions. Every marketing tact stated previously left the question of truth out of it’s equation. Without it there can be no passion. Without passion the intention will not exist. The force of the marketing campaign born from outside of the core company values has a very minimal life expectancy.

I will use a company with which my company partners as an example of one that markets from their truth and refrains from using tactics that do not fit the company culture. Constant Contact promotes email marketing from a permission based platform, offers free training on all their products, and keeps their product focused on trends that are continually evolving to meet the market demands. Each part of their business strives to incorporate their core values; “Connect, Inform, Grow.” In addition to offering  education to their customers & business partners they offer affiliate programs to those that share their vision. Using these tools as the anchor for their product helps them to create a legion of followers that sing their praises and by doing so increase their reach into the market.

Truth. It is subject to perspective. No two can hold the exact same truth, but a shared truth, like a diamond with many facets, holds an energy and intention that will last through the ages.

In the next article we will look at service. Truth must be served in order to extend beyond the office.

The author of this blog is Eric Reese the owner of Out In Front Marketing and a certified Yoga Instructor. His blending of esoteric teachings into every day life offer a chance to experience more than just a job.


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