Cross Polination of Content and Marketing

We spoke last week about how internet marketing is clearly the fastest growing mode of client information delivery (, client referral, and client acquisition in the marketing arena.
The question that begs answering is how to engage all of these potential customers while performing our mission. Keep in mind the internet is about information. The knowledge base increases with every new blog post, video upload, or website launch. Developing your online presence is paramount  to success in the new business paradigm. Using specific delivery methods will increase the information delivery but dynamic content is the motivation for return by the customer.
Using email service providers for target marketing is good but sending those email recipients to relevant web content is better. Developing landing pages that easily deliver education to your downstream marketing team “for free” is a service that builds loyalty.
For many, webinars are becoming an increasing source for this knowledge and the webinars are being recorded and re-purposed for dynamic web content. Full power point presentations from the meetings are being made available for downloads. Follow up surveys are used for information gathering and market contact.
All of these techniques are now available and they can be accomplished for far less than the traditional marketing & educational resources. Keep in mind S&B=O (Sticks & Bricks=Overhead) but IC=Keep costs low (Internet Communication = Keep costs low).
For reference purposes, two webinar companies I have used are GotoMeetings and WebEx. both have stable platforms with computer audio or phone link. They can be found at &

Out In Front Marketing Service delivers consultation to large and small companies on internet marketing strategies that work. Click on the link to visit them and find out more.


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