SEO and Who Knows

When I got into internet marketing I realized that part of the services were comparable to the industry of printing.
As a printer of 30 years, I saw a direct parallel between the internet’s emergence and that of the printing press. When movable type was first invented by Gutenberg, the result was information for the masses. Then there had to be a determination of what the masses wanted and how they would be motivated. The same holds true for SEO today. Research needs to be done to determine what people are searching for, but intuitive insight also needs to be part of the equation. Just as Gutenberg determined the Bible was the most significant publication of the time, and bringing it to the people changed the course and perspective of humanity, so has the internet become an influential factor in man’s development. Getting these perspectives to the users is important and the loudest voices will be the ones that are adept at organic SEO.


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